Race Photos

Many thanks to our volunteers who have selflessly taken and shared thousands of photos of our runners out doing what they do best on our courses.

All photos are free to download and share on social media as you wish, but please kindly give credit to and/or tag the photographer when sharing.

Please continue to check back on your race’s photos page in the days following the race as runners and volunteers alike are welcomed and encouraged to upload and share photos.

1/28/2023 – Folsom Lake Southside Trail Run

12/24/2022 – Placerville’s Holiday Jingle & Mingle Run

12/3/2022 – Calero Trail Run (Winter)

11/19/2022 – Trail Run at Sly Park (Fall)

11/5/2022 – Almaden Hills Trail Run (Fall)

10/22/2022 – California Gold Rush Trail Run (Fall)

10/15/2022 – Mt. Umunhum Trail Conquest (Fall)

10/08/2022 – Rancho Canada del Oro Trail Challenge

09/17/2022 – South Hills Single Track Trail Run (Summer)

08/27/2022 – Almaden Hills Trail Run (Summer)

08/20/2022 – Trail Run at Sly Park (Summer)

08/06-08/07/22 – Kirkwood’s Ultras

07/23/22 – Kirkwood’s Thunder Mountain Trail Challenge

07/09/22 – Rancho Hills Trail Run

06/11/22 – Mt. Umunhum ULTRAS

06/04/22 – Calero Trail Run (Summer)

05/28/22 – Placerville Path Memorial Day Run

05/14/22 – Sly Park Lake Trail Run (Spring)

05/07/22 – Hacienda Hills Trail Run (Spring)

04/30/22 – Sierra Azul Trail Challenge

04/23/22 – California Gold Rush Trail Run (Spring)

04/09/22 – Santa Teresa King Richard Annual Trail Run

04/02/22 – Folsom Lake Falcon Crest Trail Run

03/26/22 – South Hills Single Track Trail Run (Spring)

03/19/22 – Folsom Lake Southside Trail Run

03/05/22 – Sanborn Trail Challenge

02/05/22 – Mt. Umunhum Trail Conquest (Winter)

01/29/22 – Folsom Lake Sweetwater Trail Run

01/01/22 – Hacienda Hills Run (Winter)

12/24/21 – Placerville’s Holiday Jingle & Mingle

12/18/21 – Christmas Rush 5K, 10K & Family Fun Runs

12/04/21 – Calero Trail Run (Winter)

11/20/21 – Sly Park Lake Single Track Trail Run (Fall)

11/06/21 – Almaden Hills Trail Run (Fall)

10/23/21 – California Gold Rush Trail Run (Fall)

10/09/21 – Rancho Canada del Oro Trail Challenge

09/18/21 – Almaden Hills Trail Run (Summer)

01/04/20 – Hacienda Hills Run (Winter)

12/24/19 – Placerville Path Jingle & Mingle Run

12/07/19 – Rancho Hills Trail Run

11/16/19 – Trail Run at Sly Park (Fall)

11/01/19 – Almaden Hills Trail Run (Fall)

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Troy’s California Trail Runs’ mission is to provide the most scenic, challenging, and fun runs in California. We host trail races, coastal trail runs, ultra marathons, and mountain bike races. Most are in the San Jose area and the Sierras. We promise that our trail races will be the most beautiful and enjoyable races you’ve been a part of.
See you on the trail!
– Troy
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