Folsom Lake Sweetwater Trail Run

Date:Saturday, January 28, 2023
Location:Folsom Lake State Recreation Area
Salmon Falls Parking Lot
El Dorado Hills, CA
(Click here for Google Maps to the Parking Lot)
Race Distances:5K, 10K, 9 Mile, Half Marathon, 30K, Trail Marathon, 50K
Start Time:8:00 AM All Distances. 9-hour time limit

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Folsom Lake

About the Race

This race is run on 95% single-track and 5% dirt road. The course primarily follows the South Side Trail. Very appealing single-track course, and great running with some technical sections. With gently rolling hills in El Dorado Hills, the trail parallels Folsom Lake and is covered by oak trees, lush green grass, and stunning scenery of the surrounding Sierra foothills.

Volunteers are needed to help with aid stations.
Everyone who helps out gets a free future race!


DISTANCEBY 10/28/22BY 1/6/23ONLINE 1/7/23
IN PERSON 1/28/22
9 Mile$60$65$70$75
Half Marathon$70$75$80$85
Trail Marathon$90$95$100$105

Prices do not include UltraSignup processing fees

  • Active military receive a 15% discount. Please e-mail to process your military registration discount.
  • Entry fees are non-refundable, but the full registration amount (minus processing fees) may be transferred to another future TCT Run by contacting at least 24 hours before the scheduled event.
  • Runners may purchase a Troy’s California Trail Runs sport-tek technical fabric shirt during the registration process, or at the event supply permitting.  All shirts are gender-specific and come in sizes ranging from ladies XS all the way to mens XXL.
Online registration is available through the morning of the race.
Please print the form, fill it out, and mail it to us with the enclosed registration fee.
Race day registration is available beginning at 7:00 AM.


  • 6:00 AM — Park Opens
  • 6:45 AM — Registration/Sign-In/Bib-Pick Up Opens
  • 7:45 AM — Trail briefing
  • 8:00 AM — Race Start

Please arrive early as we expect a full event.

Course Information

  • Most of the trails are single track with gently rolling hills, and other parts are flat and wide. Small portions of the course are on pavement.
  • The Starting line for the race will be in the middle of the Salmon Falls Parking Lot, allowing the pack to thin out before entering the Sweetwater Trail.
  • All of the toilets are available at the start/finish line. They are first-come first-served, so please be respectful of other runners waiting for and needing to use the toilets.
  • Courses will be marked with ribbons, signs & gypsum.
  • There is a creek crossing – WET FEET. Please use caution when crossing the Sweetwater creek. The rocks are very slippery.


  • 50K (3,356 ft. Ascent) – Out & Back Route. PINK RIBBONS. Turnaround at Red Ribbons and signage after the Browns Ravine Aid Station. Six aid stations along the course and two water stops along the course. Toilets available on course.
  • Trail Marathon (3,001 ft. Ascent) – Out & Back Route. PINK RIBBONS. Turnaround at signage after the Planeta Way Aid Station. Four aid stations and two water stops along the course. Toilets available on course.
  • 30K (2,106 ft. Ascent) – Out & Back Route. PINK RIBBONS. Turnaround at Yellow Ribbons immediately after Salmon Falls Aid Station. Two aid stations and two water stops along the course. Toilets available on course.
  • Half Marathon (1,555 ft. Ascent) – Out & Back Route. PINK RIBBONS. Turnaround at Orange Ribbons after Salmon Falls Aid Station. Two aid stations along the course. Toilets available on course.
  • 9 Mile (990 ft. Ascent) – Out & Back Route. PINK RIBBONS.  Turnaround at Blue Ribbons after Salmon Falls Aid Station. Two aid stations along the course.  Toilets available on course.
  • 10K (734 ft. Ascent) – Out & Back Route. PINK RIBBONS. Turnaround at Salmon Falls Aid Station. One Aid Station at Salmon Falls. Toilets available on course.

Additional details on ribbons and trail markings will be shared at the trail briefing 15 minutes before race begins.

All of our routes are curated by our team. Distances may at times be approximate due to discrepancies in satellite navigation and on the ground set-up. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Note:  In case of inclement weather an alternate course that does not cross the creek will be announced at the trail briefing.

Aid Station Cutoffs

  • 50K Runners must be out of Browns Ravine Aid (outbound, first time, no later than 12:00noon)
  • Browns Ravine aid station closes at 12:30 pm.
  • Planeta Way aid station closes at 2:00 pm.
  • Old Salmon Falls aid station closes at 4:00 pm.
  • The race ends at SALMON FALLS PARKING LOT, with a 5:00 pm cutoff.
  • All aid stations will be staffed. Additionally you may prepare drop bag(s) which will be delivered to aid stations in the morning.
  • We will have at least one EMT present at the race.

Drop Bags

Drop Bags may be checked in at the end of the registration table as indicated by signage.  Please clearly label your drop bag with your name, bib number, phone number, and intended aid station.  Duct tape and Sharpies will be available at the drop bag/distance change window for this purpose.  Drop bags can be checked in for:

AID #1 – Old Salmon Falls

AID #2 – Planeta Way

AID #3 – Brown’s Ravine


Staff will deliver drop bags to the three aid stations on course after the race starts, and return them to the finish area at intervals throughout the day.  While we make every attempt to safeguard drop bags, please DO NOT check electronics or valuables.  Since the course is an out and back, most aid stations will be encountered twice by each runner.  Check course maps on race page for details.

Parking. Please CARPOOL if possible.

  • $10 per vehicle, SELF-REGISTRATION for all parking.
  • There is overflow parking available outside the SALMON FALLS PARKING LOT.
  • Please use CAUTION crossing & walking on Salmon Falls road.
  • We will have pink ribbons at the entrance and people directing you.

We strongly recommend paying the park usage fee and parking in the ranger patrolled Salmon Falls Parking Lot or the paid overflow lot across the river.

While completely legal, we do not recommend parking on Salmon Falls Rd as runners have reported vehicle break-ins in the past when parked along Salmon Falls Rd.

Alternate parking locations:

Park and CARPOOL from –

Safeways Marketplace at 2207 Francisco Dr, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. Free. TOILETS and Starbucks Coffee available here.

Falcon Crest dirt/gravel parking lot at 1433 Easy Ln, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. Free. No Toilets.

Skunk Hollow paved parking lot. $10 Fee. TOILETS AVAILABLE. On Salmon Falls Rd on the Northeast side of the Salmon Falls Bride & the American River. 10 minute walk to START 

Darrington Trail Head dirt parking lot directly across from the Skunk Hollow paved parking lot. $10 Fee.

Support Crews – Directions to Aid Stations

Attention Race Morning leaving Start Finish 

1. ALL DISTANCES EXCEPT NO 5k RUNNERS Aid Station 1 To Old Salmon Falls parking lot Aid Station.

Old Salmon Falls Aid Station:

Turn Right South onto Salmon Falls Road.
Drive for around 5 Minutes Turning Right onto Old Salmon Falls Road just before the Falcon Crest dirt parking lot.
Drive down for a minute stay straight ahead leading into the Old Salmon Falls parking. 
Attention The Planeta Way Aid Station has very limited parking & SIGNS are POSTED NO PARKING on Street?.

2. 50k & 26 Milers Aid Station 2 To Planeta Way Aid Station.

Planeta Way Aid Station:

Drive back up to Salmon Falls Road.Turn Right South onto Salmon Falls Road.Drive for around 5 Minutes Turning Right onto Lakehills Dr.Drive for a few minutes turning Left West onto Guadalupe Dr.Drive for 5 minutes Turning Right down onto Planeta Way.Drive to bottom & the Planeta Way Aid Station is located next to the trail.Walk through the locked gate on paved road for 50 yards to Aid Station.

3. 50k RUNNERS ONLY Aid Station 3 To Browns Ravine Aid Station.

Brown’s Ravine Aid Station:

Leaving the Planeta Way Aid Station heading to the Browns Ravine Aid Station. Drive back up to Guadalupe Dr.Turn Right onto Guadalupe DrImmediately Turn Left up onto Francisco Dr. Drive for 5 minutes Turn Right down onto Green Valley Road. Turn Right into Browns Ravine Drive up to kiosk’s Aid Station will be on your Right at Picnic Tables.Drive past kiosk turn Right up to Aid Station.

Returning to the Planeta Way Aid Station Reverse Driving Directions 

Returning to the Old Salmon Falls parking lot Aid Station from Planeta Way Aid Station.Reverse Driving Directions 

Returning to the Start Finish the Salmon Falls parking lot from the Old Salmon Falls parking lot Aid Station.Reverse Driving Directions 


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