Hacienda Hills Run

Date:Saturday, January 1, 2022
Location:Almaden Quicksilver County Park
Hacienda Entrance

21785 Almaden Rd
San Jose, CA 95120
Race Distance:5K, 10K, 9M, Half Marathon, Trail Marathon, 50K
Start Time: 8:00 AM (All Distances). 9 Hour time limit.

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About the Race

Located just outside of San Jose at the Almaden Quicksilver County Park, we’re coming back for a spectacular day of Northern California trail running in the Hacienda Hills. Six different race distances with increasing elevation gain guarantee that you’ll be working off the holidays with Bay Area views all around you.


DISTANCE BY 10/1/21BY 12/10/21ONLINE 12/11/21
1/1/22 IN PERSON
9 Mile$60$65$70$75
Half Marathon$70$75$80$85
Trail Marathon$90$95$100$105
Prices do not include UltraSignup.com processing fees


6:30 AM – Parking Lot opens
6:45 AM – Check-in opens
7:45 AM – Trail Briefing
8:00 AM – Start Time – All Distances.
9 Hour Time Limit. Race officially over at 5:00 PM

Directions and Parking

  • Driving directions to Hacienda Trailhead:
    From Highway 85, take the Almaden Expressway exit south 4.5 miles to Almaden road. Exit to the right on Almaden Road and drive 3 miles along Almaden Road through the town of New Almaden to the unpaved parking lot on the right. The cross streets are Almaden Road and Bertram Road.
  • Parking:
    Free. Please park in the dirt parking lot in the back of the Hacienda entrance to Almaden Quicksilver Park, in New Almaden near the La Foret restaurant.

Course Information

  • Start/Finish: 
    Almaden/Quicksilver Park, Hacienda entrance.
  • Terrain:
    All courses are primarily on dirt roads.
  • Bib Colors:
    • Yellow – Trail Marathon, 50K
    • Red – Half Marathon
    • Black – 5K, 10K, 9M
  • Course Markings:
    • 50K – Pink ribbons, then orange ribbons
    • Trail Marathon – Pink ribbons, then orange ribbons
    • Half Marathon – Pink ribbons, then orange ribbons
    • 9 Mile – Pink ribbons, then orange ribbons
    • 10K – Pink ribbons out and back
    • 5K – Pink ribbons out and back
  • Cutoff Times:
    • Mile 13 – 12:00noon Hacienda Aid Station (All Distances)
    • Mile 16 – 1:00pm Mockingbird Aid Station (All Distances)
    • Mile 20 – 2:00pm Woods Parking Lot Water Station (All Distances)
    • Mile 23.5 – 3:00pm Hacienda Aid Station
    • Mile 27 – 4:00pm Woods Parking Lot Water Station (50K)
    • Mile 30.5 – 5:00pm Hacienda Parking Lot Aid Station (50K)

Aid Stations

Most runners will encounter each aid station and water multiple times during their run.

Hacienda Entrance Parking Lot Aid Station, Toilets Available

Mockingbird Entrance Parking Lot Aid Station, Toilets Available

Woods Parking Lot Water Stop, Toilets Available

Course Maps

50K (7,129 Feet Elevation Gain). 9 Hour overall cutoff.

Trail Marathon (6,122 Feet Elevation Gain)

Half Marathon (3,100 Feet Elevation Gain). 4 Hour overall cutoff.

9 Mile (2,451 Feet Elevation Gain)

10K (1,545 Feet Elevation Gain)

5K (751 Feet Elevation Gain)

Attention All Runners:

All distances will be marked with Signs/Distances/Direction arrows Gypsum/White chalk on the ground/Direction arrows/Distance numbers.
Some signs may say (ALL) meaning all distances continue in that direction.
Some signs may indicate only one distance or two or more. Please be observant.
Prior to intersections we will have the course marked with Signs/Ribbons/Gypsum arrows and distance numbers.
Where distances SPLIT to go different directions the trail will be marked with gypsum, white chalk. (S) meaning SPLIT distances go different ways.

Single track trails will only be marked at the beginning and at the end.

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