Folsom Lake South Side Trail Run (May 15, 2021)

Date:Saturday, May 15th, 2021
Location:Folsom Point Public Bathroom, Folsom Lake, CA 95630
Here is a Google map showing the Start. 
Race Distances:50K, 21 Miler, 1/2 Marathon,
9 Miler, 10K, 5K     
Start Time:7:00 AM (9-hour time limit Staggered Start)

About the Race

Join Troy’s California Trail Runs and hundreds of runners for the May 15th Folsom Lake South Side Trail Run.

Held along the shores of Sacramento’s favorite recreational area, the trails around Folsom Lake feature stony dirt paths that wind along relentless hills with stunning vistas of the lake.

Distances – 50K (Ultra), 21M, Half Marathon, 9M, 10K, 5K

The Trail

Surface: Dirt, rocks, single-track trail, as little pavement as possible.
Course: Folsom Lake South Side Trail.
Elevation Profile: Rolling hills, with lots of ups and downs.
Weather: California Spring, Highs – 65 degrees / Lows 40 degrees.
Parking: Plenty of parking is available for this event, however carpooling is encouraged as there is a day-use fee.

  • Multiple, fully loaded, aid stations will be open throughout the course.
  • All runners receive a Commemorative Medal.
  • A professional videographer and photographer will be on staff.

Directions to the START/FINISH:


Fees are as follows:

  • 50K – $100
  • 21 Miler – $80
  • Half Marathon – $60
  • 9 Miler – $55
  • 10K – $50
  • 5K – $45

Active military receive a 15% discount. Entry fees are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled. Pre-registered runners may purchase a T-shirt for an additional $25.00 if they register 2 weeks before the event.

Online registration is available through the morning of the race.
  • Register by Mail (Please e-mail us at for updated mail application)
    Print a PDF form and mail it to us at:
    2850 Douglas Fir Dr.

    Camino, CA 95709
  • There will be no race day registration available for this race.
Volunteers are needed to help with aid stations.
Everyone who helps out gets a free future race!

If interested, please email


  • 6:00 AM – Park Opens
  • 6:15 AM — Registration opens / Bib Pick-Up
  • 6:45 AM — Trail briefing
  • 7:00 AM — Start of all races (9-Hour Cutoff, Race Ends at 5PM, Staggered Start)

Course Information

Start/Finish at Folsom Point Public Bathroom at the picnic tables in the Northeast corner of Folsom Point. Bathrooms are available.

  • The entrance to the park is marked with Pink Ribbons. Stay to the Right as you drive into the Start/Finish Area.
  • Bibs
    • Yellow   50K
    • Red       21M, Half-Marathon
    • Black     9M, 10K, 5K
  • Start/Finish next to the registration area.
  • Course markings
    Pink – All distances.
  • Signs on 3ft wooden stakes indicating Distance & Direction Arrows. Gypsum (White powder) on the ground indicating Distance and Direction Arrows.

Aid Stations

All aid stations will remain open until the last runner comes in. If the runner does not meet the cutoff time the runner may be driven back to the start.

  • Primary Aid Station will be located at the Start/Finish Line.
  • Aid Station 110K Turnaround at Browns Ravine
  • Aid Station 2 – Half-Marathon Turnaround at Planeta Way
  • Water Stop available at the 21 Miler Turnaround Point at New York Creek
  • Aid Station 3 – 50K Turnaround at Old Salmon Falls Road

Aid Station Cut-Off Times:

  1. 11:30 PM – Aid Station 3, 50K RUNNERS
  2. 2:00 PM – Aid Station 2, ALL RUNNERS
  3. 3:00 PM – Aid Station 1, ALL RUNNERS
  4. 4:00 PM – Start/Finish, ALL RUNNERS FINISHED.


5K Race (180 Ft Ascent)

10K Race (472Ft Ascent)

9 Mile Race (695Ft Ascent)

Half-Marathon Race (1,219Ft Ascent)

21 Mile Race (1,916Ft Ascent)

50K Race (3,051Ft Ascent)

All runners after crossing over the dike you will turn LEFT up onto the South Side Trail.

Attention all runners. Just before aid station 1 at Browns Ravine, you will cross over a road to the entrance to Browns Ravine. Please use caution in both directions.

10k course: you will turn around at the first aid station at Browns Ravine.

13 milers: you will turn around at the second aid station located at Planeta Way mile 6.5.

21 milers: you will turn around after crossing over the New York Creek bridge. A water jug will be there.

50K runners, when arriving at AID STATION 3 mile 15.5 Old Salmon Falls parking lot you will TURN AROUND.

Travel and Accommodations

Directions and Parking

  • Here is a Google map showing the Start. Ignore the street address. This address is for someone Google choose because they are the closest steet address to the parking lot. You can use the google map to get driving directions directly to the parking lot.
  • From highway 50, get off E. Bidwell exit, turn left at end of the ramp
  • Turn right on Oak Ave Parkway
  • Turn right on Blue Ravine
  • Turn left on E. Natomas
  • Turn left on Briggs Ranch Dr.
  • Turn right into park entrance
  • After entering the park, turn right at the fork and drive all the way to the end….look for restrooms on the right.
  • The entrance to the park is at the corner of East Natoma and Briggs. There is a church on the corner. Please do not bother with the church by asking for directions. They don’t actually know about our event. The Start/Finish is Folsom Point/Dyke 8 off of East Notama in Folsom CA.
  • Parking: Ample parking at the boat ramp. Cost: $12.00 for day use.
  • Park phone: 916-988-0205

Support Crews

Please refer to course maps or contact us for logistics related to drop bags and supporting aid stations.

Drop bags will be the morning of the race. Drop bag signs will be posted near the registration. Drop bags will be taken to TWO different aid stations. Runners place your drop bags under the signs where we will deliver them. Drop bags will be returned later in the day to the finish. 
Aid station 2 DROP BAGS: Planeta Way: 50k, 21Mi, 13Mi. Mile 6.5 going out. 
Aid station 3 DROP BAGS: Old Salmon Falls parking lot mile 15.5, 50k.

There is parking nearby at Falcon Crest parking lot to reach the 3rd aid station on foot.

Crew info & driving directions:

  • Aid stations & crew access allowed.
  • Aid station one Browns Ravine. Runners that will have access to this aid station: 50k, 21mi, 13mi, 9mi & 10k.
  • Runners that will access twice 50k, 26Mi, 21Mi, 18Mi, 13Mi.
  • Aid station three Old Salmon Falls parking. 50k
  • You must have a parking pass to access Aid Stations. ($12 Day Pass)

There are shopping centers, food & gas along the course at the intersection of East Natoma St & Green Valley Rd. 

Also Francisco Drive & Green Valley Rd.

Aid station One Browns Ravine. 
Leaving the Start/Finish Folsom Point. Turn left onto East Natoma St. Turn left onto Green Valley Rd. Turn Left into Browns Ravine entrance to Folsom Lake. Aid station will be located on your right at the toll entrance shack.

Aid station Two Planeta Way.
Leaving Browns Ravine aid station. Turn left onto Green Valley Rd. Turn left at Francisco Dr. Drive for 1.8 miles until the end. Turn right onto Guadalupe Dr. Immediate left onto Planeta Way. Drive 2/10 of a mile until the end. Park in the court & at the end of the court. On the left, there is a paved road leading down to the aid station – 20 yards. 

Aid Station Three Old Salmon Falls
Leaving Planeta Way aid station, drive back to Green Valley Rd. Take your next left at the light onto Salmon Falls Rd. On Salmon Falls Rd drive 2.8 miles until the Falcon Crest parking lot on your left. Turn left at the end of the parking lot onto a paved road leading down to the Old Salmon Falls parking lot aid station. Drive straight down into the parking lot. Please drive safely, the road is a little rough.


Crews after leaving the Old Salmon Falls aid station turn right onto Salmon Falls Rd. Drive 2.8 miles to Green Valley Rd. Turn right onto Green Valley Rd this will take you back to all locations.

If you want to drive back to Old Salmon Falls aid station turn left onto Green Valley Rd. If you want to return to Browns Ravine aid station or the finish turn right onto Green Valley Rd. 

COVID-19 Protocols

This Covid-19 prevention plan is subject to change and updates. It is extensive, however additional rules and regulations may be set in place on race day.
Please continue to check our homepage for race day updates and for additional protocols and updates.

• Each runner must conduct a self-screening test before the race.
• Staggered start times for all individuals.
• If you have tested positive or been in contact with someone that tested positive within 14 days of race day, we ask you to stay home.
• If you have any symptoms, please stay home.
• All runners must wear a face mask at all times, EXCEPT while running the race, however we also ask that you carry a face mask on your person throughout the race in case of crossing paths.
• Aid stations will consist of minimal, already packed items, no communal items or hands on the table. Please respect the volunteers, staff, and other participants.
• Each race will stagger starts in small groups of 3-5 people. Face coverings, social distancing and temperature checks will be required to participate.
• Runners are highly encouraged to prepare their own nutrition packs. Drop-bag services to aid stations will be available.
• NO SPECTATORS – Runners are expected to handles transportation, pick-up, drop-off accordingly.
• Food service is no touch, utensils not shared, no self-serve buffets, food servers must wear
gloves, provide markers for glasses and/or ample, clean back-up supply, use disposable food service supplies where applicable.
• All employees and attendees must wear facial coverings during the duration of the
event when required by the local health authority or when employees and attendees
cannot maintain six-feet of physical distancing from others even if not required by local
health authority.
• Physical distancing will be required. Other physical barriers may be installed to ensure at least six-feet of spacing between staff and the attendees.
• All permittees, guests, vendors and staff are provided written information regarding hand
washing and the following is posted that handwashing is mandatory at the following times:
o After using the restroom
o After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing
o Before, during, and after work shifts
o Before and after work breaks
o After touching frequently touched surfaces


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