This Covid-19 prevention plan is subject to change and updates. It is extensive, however additional rules and regulations may be set in place on race day.
Please continue to check our homepage for race day updates and for additional protocols and updates.

• Each runner must conduct a self-screening test before the race.
• Staggered start times for all individuals.
• If you have tested positive or been in contact with someone that tested positive within 14 days of race day, we ask you to stay home.
• If you have any symptoms, please stay home.
• All runners must wear a face mask at all times, EXCEPT while running the race, however we also ask that you carry a face mask on your person throughout the race in case of crossing paths.
• Aid stations will consist of minimal, already packed items, no communal items or hands on the table. Please respect the volunteers, staff, and other participants.
• Each race will stagger starts in small groups of 3-5 people. Face coverings, social distancing and temperature checks will be required to participate.
• Runners are highly encouraged to prepare their own nutrition packs. Drop-bag services to aid stations will be available.

• NO SPECTATORS – Runners are expected to handles transportation, pick-up, drop-off accordingly.

• Food service is no touch, utensils not shared, no self-serve buffets, food servers must wear
gloves, provide markers for glasses and/or ample, clean back-up supply, use disposable food service supplies where applicable.
• All employees and attendees must wear facial coverings during the duration of the
event when required by the local health authority or when employees and attendees
cannot maintain six-feet of physical distancing from others even if not required by local
health authority.
• Physical distancing will be required. Other physical barriers may be installed to ensure at least six-feet of spacing between staff and the attendees.
• All permittees, guests, vendors and staff are provided written information regarding hand
washing and the following is posted that handwashing is mandatory at the following times:
o After using the restroom
o After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing
o Before, during, and after work shifts
o Before and after work breaks
o After touching frequently touched surfaces

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