Sierra Azul Trail Challenge (4/25)

Date:Saturday, April 25, 2020
Location:Hacienda Entrance to Quicksilver Park
21785 Almaden Rd, San Jose, CA 95120
Race Distances:50K, Marathon, 18.8M, Half Marathon, 9M, 10K, 5K
Start Time:8:00 AM (10-hour time limit)

About the Race

Run in the shadow of the infamous Mt. Umunhum. Set in the Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve, this is a one of a kind running experience that provides unique access to gorgeous trails and scenery not viewed by many. This is one of the toughest trail races that we host. Come prepared for a fantastic adventure!
– Troy

The Trail

100% Single Track and Fireroads
Surface: Dirt, rocky, single-track trail and fire roads from Start to Finish
Course: The Woods Trail
Elevation Profile: Steep hills that roll throughout the course.
Weather: California Spring, Highs – 65 degrees / Lows 40 degrees.
Parking: Plenty of parking is available for this event. Shuttles will ferry runners to the primary trailhead for the Race Start.
Carpooling is encouraged.

Bib Pick-Up and Registration takes place on Race Day.
Multiple, fully loaded, aid stations will be open throughout the course.
Please come prepared for an endurance event, particularly if you are planning to run some of the longer course offerings.

Book Flights and Hotels for this Event

Volunteers are needed to help with aid stations.
Everyone who helps out gets a free future race!


  • 50K – $120
  • Marathon – $100
  • 18.8M – $80
  • Half Marathon – $60
  • 9M – $55
  • 10K – $45
  • 5K – $40

Shuttle Fee – $10

Entry fees are non-refundable unless the event is canceled. Pre-registered runners qualify to purchase a T-shirt for an additional $25 if they register at least 2 weeks (two Mondays) before the Saturday events. Active Military receive a 15% discount. Bibs handed out on event day.

Online registration is available through the morning of the race.
  • Register by Mail
    Print form and mail to us.
  • Register at Race
    Print form and bring to the race. Race day registration is available beginning at 6:30 AM. ($10.00 added to the above fees.)


  • 6:30am: Runner check-in.
  • 7:50am: Trail briefing.
  • 8:00am: All distances start.

*10-hour time limit.


All runners receive a medal for finishing the race.

Course Information

The courses are out and back along Woods Trail from the Start/Finish line at the Hicks Road intersection. See the course maps on the mileage buttons above. 50K runners when they exit Lexington County Park onto Alma Bridge Road must run only on the shoulder or dirt and must stay off the road at all times until entering Sierra Azul Park.

There are four fully stocked aid stations.

5K (548ft Ascent)

10K (1,217ft Ascent)

9 Miler (2,680ft Ascent)

Half Marathon (2,762ft Ascent)

18 Miler (5,675ft Ascent)

Trail Marathon (6,837ft Ascent)

50K (8,868ft Ascent)

Bib Colors

  • Black: 9M, 10K, and 5K
  • Red: 18M & 13M
  • Yellow: 50K & 26M (Attn 26 Milers: Write “26” on it so we know who’s who.

Drop Bags

50K runners: We will pick up your drop bags at the Start/Finish the morning of the race. Drop bags will be delivered to the Aid Station located at Limekiln Trail and Priest Rock Trail. The 50k runners will encounter this Aid Station two times.

Trail Briefing

Cutoff times:
All distances start at 8:00 am Race is over at 6:00 pm – 10 hour time limit.

All times listed below refer to when a runner must be out of that aid station moving forward.

Marathon cutoff times in sequence

10:30 am CUTOFF TIME – Marathon Woods Trail aid station Turnaround mile 6.5 located at the intersection of the Woods Trail, Kennedy & Limekiln Trail.

1:00 pm CUTOFF TIME – Marathon Start/Finish Turnaround to go back out/REPEAT OUT & BACK.

3:30 pm CUTOFF TIME – Marathon – Woods Trail aid station Turnaround mile 19.5 located at the intersection of the Woods Trail, Kennedy & Limekiln Trail.

6:00 pm at the FINISH/Race is officially over (10 hour time limit.)

50K cutoff times in sequence

10:00 am Mile 6.5 – Woods Trail Aid Station at the intersection of Woods,Kennedy & Limekiln Trails.

11:00 am Mile 11.7 – Kennedy Aid Station Turnaround for 50k.

12:30 pm Mile 16.9 – Priest Rock & Limekiln aid station first time out. Now run a 4.6 mile clockwise loop returning to aid station.

2:30 pm Mile 21.5 – Priest Rock & Limekiln aid station 2nd time out.

4:00 pm Mile 24.5 – Woods Trail aid station 6.5 miles to FINISH located at the intersection of the Woods Kennedy & Limekiln Trails.

6:00 pm at the FINISH – Race is officially over (10 hour time limit.)

Directions and Parking

The Park Entrance to park and catch the shuttle is located at the Hacienda entrance to Quicksilver Park. Click here for the Google Maps address to the Woods Trail Head. Notable landmarks near the parking lot: New Almaden and you pass by the New Almaden Quicksilver Museum.

Sierra Azul Mt. Umunhum area is located off of Hicks Road. Exit Highway 85 at Camden Ave. (From southbound 85 turn left on Camden Ave. From northbound 85 turn left on Branham Avenue and then turn left on Camden Ave.) Travel on Camden Ave. about 1.6 miles. Turn right on Hicks Road. While these are directions to the start, there is no parking there. Please proceed to the Hacienda entrance to catch the shuttle to the race start at 21785 Almaden Rd, San Jose, CA 95120

There will be a shuttle service to the event from Almaden Quicksilver Park, the Hacienda entrance the OVERFLOW parking lot. This shuttle service will take 10 minutes to reach the start/finish. Any Runner/Runners wanting to ride the shuttle must email me the names of whomever wants to reserve a Shuttle Ride $10 per rider. If a group wants to ride together, please let us know those names and the contact person organizing the group. 21785 Almaden Rd, San Jose, CA 95120.

Participants, please understand that renting shuttles and hiring drivers is very expensive. Our priority is to get you to the start on time with time to spare with no worries. I will do my best to accommodate your needs. Thank you for your patience.

This year we will have scheduled times that participants will be leaving on the shuttle from the Hacienda parking lot to insure the participants will arrive to the start on time. This will insure that the participants will arrive on time for the 8:00 am start.

Priority will first be given to the 50K runners that register early so that they will be able to have reserved parking directly across the street at the Woods parking lot for $10 per vehicle. Priority for riding the shuttle will be given to the preregistered runners in the order you signed up. We will send out a email on Thursday evening informing the runners that will be parking in the Woods parking lot. We will also send out emails on Thursday evening informing the participants at what time there shuttle will leave for the start.

7:00 am shuttle leaving for the start will be the best time to depart. This shuttle will be reserved for the earliest registered runners. The first shuttle leaving the Hacienda parking lot will be determined on how many participants we have & the number of shuttles we need.

PLEASE REGISTER EARLY so we can be organized on how many shuttles to have & the scheduled times will be figured out. We do not want runners leaving too early for the start standing around waiting for the start. That is no fun.

Race day registrations: we will do our best to get you to the start on time.


Parking is free. There is a $10 fee for the shuttle that is not covered in the entry fee for the runners. We encourage you to provide exact change for the shuttle fee.

Woods parking lot

  • Reserved parking in the Woods parking lot, $10 per vehicle. Exact Change.
  • Woods parking lot will open at 6:15 am race morning. It is directly across from the Start/Finish at the intersection of Hicks Rd & Mt Umunhum Rd.
  • The Woods parking lot is RESERVED for 15 cars. First priority 50k runners, then MARATHONERS then 18.8M, then 13 milers if there is still space.
  • Runners that will be allowed to park in the Woods parking lot will be emailed notifying them on Thursday around 7:30 pm.

Hacienda parking lot

  1. 5:50 am Almaden Quicksilver Park, the Hacienda parking lot entrance in New Almaden, the parking lot will open at 6:00 am. Parking at the Hacienda entrance for riding the shuttle. RUNNERS ARE REQUIRED TO PARK IN THE BACK OVERFLOW Parking lot.
  2. 6:15 am will be open at the Start/Finish, the Sierra Azul parking lot, the Woods Trail Head at Hicks Rd & Mt Umunhum Rd.
  3. 6:30 am at the Start/Finish, Runner Check in will be open.
  4. We will be set up at a picnic table inside the Hacienda parking lot. Please make sure you check in.
  5. You will receive your bib number/pins at the start along with the T-shirt if you paid for a shirt.

The SHUTTLE IS A 15 person shuttle. Runners have first PRIORITY over Family or Friends that want a ride up. We will also have 2 ADDITIONAL vehicles TRANSPORTING RUNNERS UP TO THE START.

Shuttle Schedule: Departure time. 15 runners per. There are two shuttles. Emails have been sent assigning runners to shuttles. If you did not get an email, please email:

  • 6:00 am FIRST SHUTTLES.Leaves.
  • 6:20 am 2nd SHUTTLE.
  • 6:40 am 3rd SHUTTLE.
  • 7:00 am 4th SHUTTLE.
  • 7:20 am 5th SHUTTLE.

You will be notified by email with your shuttle time by email on Thursday by 12:00 a.m. 

Shuttle ROUND TRIP 20 minutes. Five minute loading time at the Hacienda parking lot. 

The earliest times are alloted to the most recent sign-ups. If the shuttle departure time imposes an unreasonable hardship, let us know in advance and we will make it work for you. Last minute accomodations can be worked out. Contact: Troy Limb at (530) 409-2989.

  • Bathrooms will be available at the Start/Finish and at the Hacienda parking lot where the shuttle will be transporting the runners to the start.
  • Cell phone reception is not very good at the Hacienda parking lot & the Start/Finish.
  • Cell phone reception out on the course is good in most locations.
  • Please have your directions figured out before the morning of the race.
  • Runners please only park in the back at the Hacienda entrance in the overflow parking lot.

All runners will be returned to their cars at the Hacienda entrance to Almaden Quicksilver Park.

Pick Up/Drop Off: Although spectators and friends may pick up/drop off runners at the trailhead, spectators may not park at either Woods or Sierra Azul lot to wait for runners. Thank you!

Food will be served to runners after the run. Spectators/friends should bring sun-protection, chair, and supplies.

More Info

  • Cell Phone Info: At the Start/Finish we do have cell phone reception. At every aid station we have cell phone reception.
  • Crew Info: If a family or crew would like to follow their runner, they can do so only at the Kennedy aid station. Estimated time for a very fast runners arrival at the Kennedy aid station is 7:30 am which is 1.5 hours running time. 
  • Directions/Parking/Concerns/Conduct: Crew directions to the Kennedy aid station. Leaving the start and finish at Hicks Road and Mt Umunhum. Drive North on Hicks Road towards Venture Christian Church, on Camden past Guadalupe reservoir. Turn left onto Shannon Road. Turn left onto Kennedy Road. You will drive up to the top and the Park will be on the left. Please park directly across from the park´s entrance on the residential street. Please obey all parking signs and be especially respectful of the neighborhood we are impacting. Your runner will only utilize this aid station once. Thanks all. Please drive safely.


  • Pre Registered runners will pick up their bibs and shirts at the Sierra Azul parking lot Start & Finish.
  • Race Day registration will be at the Hacienda Entrance to Quicksilver parking lot (see directions above). Registration will be provided at the Sierra Azul parking lot (Start & Finish) for runners that carpool with someone having a Woods parking lot reservation.
  • If the Woods parking lot is fully booked, see parking and shuttle instructions above.
  • There will be no parking available at the Sierra Azul parking lot.
  • Runners riding the shuttle: you may drop off your belongings at the Start/Finish before your run. We will put your property in a secure location.



Images of park courtesy of MROSD.

Copyright © 2019, TCT Runs

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