Lovers Leap of Faith (7/6)

Date:July 6, 2019
Location:Kyburz, CA
Race Distances:50K, 18 Miler, 1/2 Marathon, 9 Miler, 10K, 5K, 2 Miler
Start Time:8:00 AM (10 hour time limit)

About the Race

Start and finish of this first race in our Summer in the Sierras Series is at the wonderful Strawberry Lodge. All of the courses except for the 5K are primarily single track. You will love these courses in our beautiful Sierraβ€”great country, views, lakes, creeks, rivers, air quality, plus high elevation and very challenging, breathtaking courses.

The 50K and 18M courses will quickly put runners in some beautiful remote backcountry. The courses are extremely adventurous, challenging and constantly evolving β€” keeping it interesting. The 50K races will satisfy the hardcore ultra runners with its menu of elevation and lots of Sierra dirt on the side.


Volunteers are needed to help with aid stations.
Everyone who helps out gets a free future race!


  • 50K: $110
  • 18 Miler: $70
  • 1/2 Marathon: $55
  • 9 Miler: $50
  • 10K: $45
  • 5K: $40
  • 2 Miler: $25
Online registration: Open now on UltraSignup.
Register by US Mail: Print a form and mail to us.

Active military receive a 15% discount. Entry fees are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled. 


  • 6:45 AM: Runner check in/race day reg.
  • 7:45 AM: Trail briefing.
  • 8:00 AM: Start for all distances.

Course/Race Information

The race will start and finish in front of Strawberry Lodge.

All of the courses except for the 5K are primarily single track. The 50K courses will parallel the South Fork of the American River in a section of the course before and after Aid Station 2.

50K: After the Negro Flat aid station on the Caples Creek loop you will have a creek crossing – Caples Creek. If the creek is high with water or you do not want to get your feet wet, please follow the ORANGE RIBBONS down stream a few minutes to cross over the creek by utilizing a fallen tree that you can use as a bridge. After arriving on the other side please follow the ORANGE RIBBONS up stream back to the main trail to the PINK RIBBONS.

Bib colors:

  • Yellow bibs – 50K runners.
  • Red bibs – 18 Milers, 13.1 Milers.
  • Black bibs – 9 Milers, 10K, 5K, and 2 Milers.

After the event we will have food and refreshments on the lawn in the back of the Strawberry Lodge a beautiful setting. We will have a barbecue for an additional cost. Regarding the barbecue please let us know prior to the event if possible, but it is not required so that the Strawberry Lodge will have a better idea of how many people to prepare for. Families and friends are more than welcome to join in the barbecue. We would like to make a family friendly atmosphere a party. The cost for the barbecue will be paid directly to the Strawberry Lodge. Food: chicken and burgers. When registration opens up please, let us know if your interested in the barbecue so the Strawberry Lodge will be prepared. We hope a lot of runners will be interested.

Please be prepared for mosquitos. We will have repellent at all Aid Stations. Please have your sunscreen for the High Sierra sun. The mosquitoes have not been bad at all this year but mosquito repellent is always recommended to have on in the early mornings & evenings. Sunscreen is advisable. A change of clothes, shoes & socks is advisable.

18 Milers: Expect to get their shoes wet early and will continue to do so during the event.

Weather: Please be prepared for anything: Heat, cold, snow, rain, thunderstorms. The weather is very unpredictable in the Sierras. Thundershowers are very common in the afternoons. Runners, please be prepared.

Course markings

  • 50K: PINK RIBBONS the entire course.
  • 18 Miler: PINK RIBBONS the entire course.
  • Half and 9 Miler: ORANGE RIBBONS the entire course. You will run up and over Lovers Leap Mtn passing through the aid station located at Sayles Canyon. 
    9 mile runners – Your course is out and back. Turn around at the Sayles Canyon aid station; this is the 2nd aid station you come to. 
    13.1 mile runners: Continue running EAST on the Pony Express Trail for approximately another 1.8 miles further past the Aid station until reaching Sierra at Tahoe road. Turn around & return to the finish the exact way you came.
  • 10K: BLUE RIBBONS out & back course you will run up & over the top of Lovers Leap Mtn and turn around at a designated location.
  • 5K: GREEN RIBBONS out and back
  • 2 Milers: Red RIBBONS out and back first aid station – LoversLeap Aid Station

Cut-off times for 50K runners

  • 10 hours.


Elevation Profiles


All runners receive a medal for finishing the race.


Results are posted here after the race.

Aid Stations

Drop Bags

There are no drop bags for 18 mile runners.

At the start the morning of the race we will have drop bag locations indicated. We will deliver the drop bags and return them to the finish.

  • 50K drop bag info/drop bags will be picked up the morning of the race at the start.
  • Drop bag locations
    • 50K Negro Canyon AID STATION/Runners you will pass through this aid station 2 times

50K and 18 mile runners
Start/Finish Strawberry Lodge. Please get a El Dorado County map; this will help a lot. Please pay attention to how your driving the roads landmarks. You will return to the finish reversing your route. Signs AID STATION and BLUE RIBBONS will indicate where crews will turn to access the Aid Stations. 

ATTENTION CREWS these Aid Stations will only be marked for Aid Station 2 and the Aid Station located at 11N19 & 17E12 near LOVERS LEAP.

Information/Directions for the 50K and 18 mile crews to see their runner at 11N19 & 17E12 Aid Station.

Crews reverse your drive returning to Packsaddle Pass Road you will be able to see your runner one more time at 11N19 & 17E12 before the finish. When driving to Aid Station 5, you will be on Packsaddle Pass Road nearing Hwy 50. Approximately 1.5 miles before Hwy 50 turn RIGHT onto 11N19 dirt road. You may drive onto 11N19 and park PRIOR to the (SIGNS) (PARK) Always allowing EMERGENCY VEHICLES THROUGH ACCESS AT ALL TIMES. After parking you will need to hike a few hundred yards up the dirt road 11N19 VEER TO THE (RIGHT) to the aid station located at 17E12 the trail leading up to Lovers Leap Mtn. The 50k runners will use this aid station twice. Then return to the FINISH The 18 milers once. Then returning to the FINISH.

Notes for 50K runners only

Directions to Caples Creek Aid Station Aid Station 2

Leaving the Strawberry Lodge. Turn LEFT onto US Hwy 50 WEST; drive 3/8 of a mile. Turn LEFT onto 42 mile tract PACKSADDLE PASS ROAD. Go over wooden bridge go to the RIGHT. Stay on Packsaddle Pass Road for 20 minutes. a long winding road – drive safely. You will reach the top; stay to the RIGHT, WEST. At Silverfork Road turn LEFT – up. Drive ten minutes South East go pass Silverfork campground on your RIGHT to Silverfork Trail Head on your LEFT. Attention do not cross over the bridge South Fork Of The American River. The aid station will be on the LEFT up a dirt road 1/4 mile. Drive or hike in. Please park on the side of the dirt road or on the side of Silverfork road. Emergency vehicles must be able to drive into these roads at all times.

Crews please use caution if you choose to follow your runner & drive Packsaddle Pass Road. There are a few potholes that could damage a vehicle please keep your eyes on the road. There is a bathroom at the Caples Creek aid station turnaround.

Directions to 11N19 & 17E12 Aid Station. Next Aid Station for 18 milers 
18 mile runners/crews.

  • Turn RIGHT down Silverfork Road North West.
  • Turn RIGHT onto Packsaddle Pass Road. Please refer to the bottom of the page the 50k crew directions to 11N19 & 17E12 Aid Station.

Directions to Schneider Camp

Drive time approximately 30 minutes you will very easily beat your runner – drive safely.

Directions and Parking

The race will start and finish in front of Strawberry Lodge. Runners can park on the west side of the Strawberry Lodge in the dirt parking lot or on Strawberry Ln east of the lodge. No parking is permitted in front of the lodge unless you are staying there. Parking will only be allowed in designated areas.


The night before the race we very much encourage anyone that would like to stay at the beautiful Strawberry Lodge to reserve rooms very early. The lodge has a limited capacity. The Strawberry Lodge, rooms, food and service is very impressive. You will enjoy your experience at the historic lodge. Please make sure that if you do reserve a room you will be able to receive a full refund if the event is not approved. You might be able to reserve a room without paying.

Strawberry Lodge has showers available for $5 a person. Runners can get a shower before or after the run. Camping is available at the Lovers Leap Campground a few minutes from the Strawberry Lodge Start/Finish. Runners can contact the El Dorado Forest Service.

Please be very considerate to the Strawberry neighborhood and run with caution on the road. The neighborhood is very low key and not much road traffic. Course in the beginning for a 1/4 of a mile Strawberry Ln is pavement until reaching 42 Mile Tract cabins. You will run on a dirt road for 100 yards turn LEFT uphill towards a cabin for 20 yards turn RIGHT onto a single track dirt trail. You will return to the finish this way.

More Info

Please be aware that many types of wildlife live in the Sierras. Please keep your eyes open at all times, and be aware of your surroundings.

  • Wildlife/Weather please watch out for these animals.
  • Rattle Snakes.
  • Bears
  • Mountain Lions
  • Wolverines
  • Thunder showers and hail
  • How to deal with ticks. There are a few easy things to do which can help prevent tick bites:
    • Apply permethrin insect repellent to shoes and clothing
    • Use deet repellent
    • Check for ticks thoroughly after running
    • Look for the circular expanding rash, sometimes looking like a bulls-eye, which occurs 2-10 days after a tick bite with lyme infection.
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