Kirkwood to Strawberry Ultra Trail Challenge (8/10)

Date:August 10-11, 2019
Location:Kirkwood, CA
Race Distances:100 Miler, 100K, 50M, 50K
Start Time:6:00 AM

About the Race

Runners, at long last I finally am able to see my dream come true after seriously trying for the last decade to have an ultra trail running race out of Kirkwood Ski Resort.

When you drive into Kirkwood and see this incredible area you will start getting very excited. Kirkwood Ski Resort has the beautiful Kirkwood Lodge to stay at along with other places in Kirkwood. Please enjoy your time in Kirkwood until we start the main event.

The course is a new playground I want to share with all of hardcore ultra runners. This course is hardcore so please come prepared—no joke.

When I first discovered this area the trails were not runnable. There was simply too much debris all over the trails. Since 2009, every spring I drive up to the trails and do my trail work, raking every inch of the trails. I deal with being alone out there the cold, heat, snow, thunder showers and mosquitoes—it’s crazy but it’s all finally coming together.

Why? For all of you to enjoy. I want to share this area and blow all of your minds. Know that this race is the next big race.

The course is in the High Sierras so come prepared for high elevations throughout the course. It’s mostly singletrack trails that you will entirely enjoy. The course has spectacular views of Sierra lakes, creeks, and raging rivers. There are lots of incredibly beautiful trees and a lush green forest.

I’m sure all of you will be blown away thinking how come this race hasn’t happened before. I have been trying and never gave up on showing my brothers and sisters what I have been working on for years.

This race is somewhat like the Western States 100, starting from the Kirkwood Ski Resort. The course goes out the back of Kirkwood, up and over Covered Wagon Peak on the historic Mormon Emigrant Trail. You will absolutely love the start of this race, heading into a very remote area with mind blowing views of the high Sierras in every direction. The course is one spectacular moment all course long—it’s like WOW.

The course is so good, so new, so exciting that I’m confident every time you see me you will have a smile, having truly loved the experience.

I personally will do everything I can to ensure an organized and efficient race. What will make the race successful is the running community’s participation—and, most importantly, your support volunteering for race day.


Important race updates below: Trail work dates, shuttle info.


50K – $150
50 Miler – $175
100K – $225
100 Miler – $350

Online registration: Open now on UltraSignup.
Register by US Mail: Print a form and mail to us.

Active military receive a 15% discount. Entry fees are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled.


  • 5:00 AM — Registration opens
  • 5:45 AM — Trail briefing
  • 6:00 AM — Start of all races
Volunteers are needed to help with aid stations.
Everyone who helps out gets a free future race!

Course/Race Information

Race starts at Red Cliffs next to Kirkwood Lodge at 7800 ft and some of the distances will go up to around 9500 ft. Time Limit: 36 Hours.


Elevation Profile

To come.


All runners receive a medal for finishing the race.


Results are posted here after the race.

Aid Stations

See this spreadsheet, complete with cutoff times.


Pacers are only allowed for the 100K and 100 Miler distances. Pacers must be at least 18 years of age and sign a waiver form prior to participating.

Drop Bags

Collection area at Kirkwood. More details to come.

Directions, Parking, Transportation

Detailed directions to come. Here is the Google Maps link to Strawberry Lodge and Kirkwood Mountain Resort.



Parking is available at the Strawberry Lodge. Do Not Park In Front of the Strawberry Lodge. Please park On Strawberry Ln on either side but always allow enough room for all traffic to get through—especially any emergency vehicles.


Race Day Parking in the Strawberry Lodge Area. If you have reserved lodging at the Strawberry Lodge obviously on Saturday and Sunday you can park in front of the Lodge.

The Strawberry neighborhood is safe. We will not have any overnight security so we are not responsible for your vehicle or belongings.

Shuttle service

Key notes:

  • For participants, overnight supplies will be delivered to the Strawberry Lodge on race day.
  • The shuttle is available to all participant families, friends and crews and for all distances. However, you are responsible for your own transportation back to Strawberry Lodge on race day.
  • If taking the shuttle, we encourage you to reserve lodging before arriving for the race. Kirkwood contact information and discount code will be listed below.
  • Please inform us as soon as possible if you need a ride and the number of riders so we can make arrangements.
  • $20 shuttle fee for each person.

Shuttle Schedule

8/9 at 12:00 pm: Shuttle departs the Strawberry Lodge to Kirkwood on Friday. This is the only shuttle available. If needed, we will announce additional shuttle times, depending on demand

12:00 pm: Meeting location the Strawberry Lodge. The Shuttle will give you a ride over to Kirkwood Ski Resort on Hwy 50.


Kirkwood has offered a 20% discount for lodging. Code will be available soon.

More Info

100 Milers

Trail Work Requirements

Registered runners living 250 miles or closer to the race are required to complete 8 hours of trail work on the course. If you live outside of the range, you will be required to do 8 hours in your area and provide proof.

The trail work objective: So that runners can enjoy the trail and have as safe an experience as possible.

Trail Work Dates and Locations

All trail work starts at 8:00 am and ends at 4:00 pm, and will occur on Saturdays only. Times and locations tentative, depending on snow conditions.

6/18:This date is possible. TCT Runs has a mountain bike event scheduled but it may not happen.

6/15:Strawberry Lodge Area On Hwy 50

6/22:Strawberry Lodge Area On Hwy 50

6/29:Strawberry Lodge Area On Hwy 50

7/20: Location TBA/Strawberry Area.

7/27: Location TBA/Strawberry Area.

8/3: Location TBA/Strawberry Area.

More trail work details:

  • Trail work must be completed by 8/3/19. Email verification of trail work completed to
  • Trail work form will be downloadable here shortly.
  • Trail work dates and locations will be posted shortly.
  • Trail workers must be self sufficient as far as food and water.
  • Wear trail work attire/proper clothing—gloves, hat, sunscreen, and mosquito repellent—for heat, cold, rain, and snow. Bring dry clothing in your car. We will go through small streams and wet areas at times.

Trail work performed and tools needed:

  • Rake and clear the trails of debris, pine cones, needles, and some rocks, sticks and branches. Occasionally trim some bushes.
  • Rake used is rubber/plastic that doesn’t tear up the trail.

Any Runner failing to meet the required 8 hours of trail work may be disqualified from running the race and race entry forfeited.

*Please note that headphones will not be allowed on the course. This will be a disqualifier.

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