Almaden Hills Trail Run (8/29)

Date:Saturday, August 29, 2020
Location:Mockingbird Hill Picnic Area
Mockingbird Hill Ln, San Jose, CA 95120, USA
Race Distances:.5M, 1.5M, 5K, 10K, 8.6M, Half Marathon, Marathon, 50K
Start Time:8:00 AM

About the Race

This event is set in Almaden Quicksilver park, in the beautiful hills of Almaden Valley. It’s comprised of 60% dirt roads, 40% single track, and is very hilly, with great views, awesome countryside. In a nutshell: It’s challenging and very fun.


Volunteers are needed to help with aid stations.
Everyone who helps out gets a free future race!


  • Half mile: $25
  • 1.5M: $30
  • 5K: $40
  • 10K: $45
  • 8.6M: $50
  • Half Marathon: $60
  • Marathon: $90
  • 50K: $100

Active military receive a 15% discount. Entry fees are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled. Pre-registered runners may purchase a T-shirt for an additional $25.00 if they register at least two weeks before the race.

Online registration is available through the morning of the race.


  • 7:00 AM: Runner check-in (bib pickup).
    Bib pickup is located at the race start.
  • 7:45 AM: Trail briefing at the start/finish.
    Please arrive early and be ready to go at Race Briefing so you do not miss important information.
  • 8:00 AM: Start all distances.


5k (5k/10k runners )

10k runners will run 5k, then 5k reversed.
Details & Statistics
5k pintable map

8.6M (8.6M runners only)

Details & Statistics
8.6M Printable Map

13M (Half Marathon/Marathon/50K runners)

Marathon/50K runners will run 13M course, then 13M reversed.
Details & Statistics

4.5M – 50K additional loop (50k runners only)

50k runners will run this additional loop after completing the 26M course.
Details & Statistics

Distance Statistics

Actual values may vary from source to source

RaceDistanceElevation gain/loss
Half Marathon13.2M3,366ft

Distances to Aid Stations

13M course

Distance (13M Race)Distance to next aid stationAid Station
Aid Station (Start)
4.3M 4.1M Hacienda Parking Lot 
Aid Station.
8.4M4.8MRandol / Propect
Aid Station
Aid Station

Additionally, there are water stops as noted below

Aid Stations / Water Stop Info

3 Aid Stations:
1. Start Finish Mockingbird Parking Lot Aid Station. Aid for 10k, 26 ,50k
2. Hacienda Parking Lot Aid Station. Aid for 8.6M, 13M, 26M ,50k
3. Trail Intersection of Randol and Propect Trails. Aid for 13, 26, 50k

3 Water Stops:
1. Virol Norton & Hacienda – 5k, 10k, 8.6, 50k
2. Day Tunnel Trail – 8.6, 13, 26, 50k
3. English Camp – 8.6, 13, 26, 50k

Course Information

5k / 10k
5k and 10k runners will run together, following red ribbons. Once finished with the 5k, 10k runners will run the same course in reverse.

8.6M runners will follow

Half Marathon
Follow 13M course with Orange Ribbons.

Trail Marathon
First run the 13 mile course and return to the start/finish. 13 mile course will be marked 13 and designated Ribbon color. Then reverse the course. This section will be marked 26 and following designated Ribbon color. Runners then return to the start/finish for race completion. Pink Ribbons Throughout

50K Runners
50K will follow the Marathon course, then go back out for 4.5 miles, following 50K and Orange Ribbons and return to start/finish. You are done.

Bib Colors

  • Yellow: 50K, Trail Marathon
  • Red: Half Marathon
  • Black: .5M, 1.5M, 5K, 10K, 8.6M

Course will be marked with the following info below.

  • Gypsum direction arrows and distances. The written word NO means Do Not Enter.
  • Signs with distances, direction arrows. Please stop and read signs carefully.
  • All ribbons are attached to trees/bushes with wooden clothespins. Other ribbons are not ribbons for this race.

Ribbon Colors

  • 5K, 10K: RED RIBBONS.
  • 8.6 Milers: BLUE RIBBONS.
  • Half Marathon: PINK RIBBONS.
  • Trail Marathon: PINK RIBBONS.
  • 50K: PINK RIBBONS First for the 26 mile course then for the last 4.5 miles run ORANGE RIBBONS.

Cutoff Times

  • Trail Marathon – 7.5 hours time limit – 8:00 am to 3:30 pm.
  • 50K must be out of Start/Finish Mockingbird Parking Lot Aid Station at Mile 26 by 3:30pm.
  • 50K Cutoff – 5:00 pm race over for 50k at Mockingbird parking lot.

Aid Stations

There are four fully stocked aid stations. Start/Finish Aid station, Hacienda Aid station at 8.9 miles

The finish line aid station will have food/snacks for finished runners.

Water Stops:

  • Virl Norton & Hacienda (5k,10k,8.6,50k)
  • Day Tunnel Trail. (8.6,13,26,50k)
  • English Camp (8.6,13,26,50k )

Drop Bags and Crew

Drop Bags
26M/50K only
Drop Bags will have a designated area at the Start/Finish line.

Crew Access 
2 locations to see runners by driving up to Aid Stations.
1. Start/Finish Mockingbird Parking Lot.
2. Hacienda Parking Lot Aid Station .8.6, 13 Once, 26, 50k Twice
All Distances Will Finish at the Mockingbird Parking Lot.
Mockingbird Parking Lot Aid Station/26 Once/At Mile 13 for Aid then the Finish At Mile 26.
Mockingbird Parking Lot Aid Station/50k Twice/At Mile 13 and 26 for Aid and the Finish at Mile 31.

Directions and Parking

Almaden Quicksilver County Park is located in south San Jose. The Mockingbird Hill entrance is accessed off Mockingbird Hill Lane. This entrance is accessible to all users, including bicyclists.  You can reach the park office at (408) 268-3883.

Travel and Accomodations


Bathrooms are located in the race start parking lot. Please arrive early as this is the only bathroom


All finishers will receive a medal.


August 2019

More Info

Recommended hotel accommodations (close to event):

Wyndham Garden San Jose Silicon Valley Hotel
399 Silicon Valley Blvd
San Jose,CA 95138
408 972 7800

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